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At Pediatric & Teenage Dentistry of Morgantown, we enjoy seeing new patients. We want to see our patients get acclimated to the dental office as early as possible so they feel comfortable and, most importantly, welcomed in the office.
From infancy through the teenage years, our staff focuses not only on proper oral hygiene habits, but on dental issues specific to children. Tooth decay is a chronic disease that is the most common among children — five times more common than asthma.

Most parents do not worry much about the condition of a child's "baby" teeth, thinking that they are going to fall out anyway. But we here at Pediatric and Teenage Dentistry consider the child's baby teeth the most important teeth in the mouth. What happens to them determines whether the child will face future dental problems in his or her teens and throughout adulthood.
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Consider these Facts:

• Unchecked tooth decay in the primary (baby) teeth can pass right along to the permanent teeth.This means that on entering their teens children can have a mouthful of new adult teeth that are full of cavities!

• When a primary tooth becomes infected or abscessed at the root, the infection often damages the permanent tooth still forming in the child's jaw.

• When a primary tooth is knocked out or is lost because of an infection, the gap in the child's mouth allows the remaining teeth to change position. The result may be loss of the space reserved for the underlying permanent teeth. This may mean a mouthful of crooked teeth requiring braces.
These important facts demonstrate the critical role that the primary teeth play in the development of the child's mouth and jaw. This is why in the dental profession the primary teeth are often referred to as the"foundation teeth." While children start to lose some of their primary teeth at about age six, some primary teeth remain as pillars in their mouths until the child is 12 or 13 years old.

To protect your child's primary teeth, we encourage you to start on a program of prevention - starting with an early dental checkup. Pediatric dentists today recommend that the first checkup should be when the child's first tooth erupts or by age 1. At this time, the child can be started on a program of cleaning, good dietary choices and correct use of fluorides. And if there are problems - like the improper use of nursing and the bottle, some of the major causes of decay in baby teeth - they can be detected and treated before they lead to more serious situations.
The Importance of early dental care for your child can't be overstated. Those baby teeth that are often ignored are the groundwork for beautiful, healthy teeth that should always be there.

Early preventive dentistry is one of the major reasons why dental disease is on the decline. When children are started early on a program of prevention, dental specialists confirm that they need never experience tooth decay. That is why we here at Pediatric and Teenage Dentistry of Morgantown are conducting a public awareness campaign to tell you and your child that they can be a part of the new "Cavity-Free / No Crooked Teeth Generation."
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Giving you a Reason to Smile!

Your kids will never dread going for a checkup when you bring them to Pediatric and Teenage Dentistry of Morgantown in Morgantown, West Virginia. With a focus on pediatric dentistry, our facility is ideal for children of all ages. Today going to dentist is fun! You'll be pleasantly surprised with the parent's waiting room and the children's game room.
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Pediatric & Teenage Dentistry of Morgantown takes care of the teeth of children with love and patience they deserve.
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